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Panda School Browser

    Windows - application

Panda School Browser is a browser for children which gives access strictly to a list of pre-approved websites and videos. Clicks on banners or other external links are simply ignored.

Parents are free to choose which resources they want to add to their child's own «Classroom» but there is also a default set of hand-picked resources which provide high quality educational games for children of any age. 

Panda School Browser is able to completely prevent access to any other application on your computer while running in a special «Kids Mode». This means your child even left alone at the computer is not able to delete any documents or change any settings of your OS. Exit from the «Kids Mode» is protected by PIN.


Try our full-featured demo version free for 30 days:

 Download «Panda School Browser» demo 

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or on Steam:

It's easy to get started:

1) Download and install «Panda School Browser».

2) Run it, login or register to our webservice on the very first screen.

3) If you are using the webservice for the first time, in your «Classroom» you will find the "starter" set of classes prepared by us. You can manage this set and add new classes by choosing them from «Websites» and «Videos» tabs, or by using the «Add new class» dialog.

4) Switch the application into the «Kids mode» by pressing the button with

5) Enjoy! To switch back into the «Parents mode» you'll need to enter your PIN code. It's default value is 0000, but you can always change it from your profile settings.


Your children can choose from the best internet resources.

Your kids are safe from any internet threats, since we are strictly moderating and monitoring each and every resource in our collection.

Your PC is protected from child's curiosity.